A college professor visited Kaitlyn's school after she had been taking lessons with Sarahjoy for a while. When he heard her play, he declared, "You have the tone of a college student."

Unknown bad habits....
In elementary school Sarahjoy could play difficult high school marches with ease, and thought herself a good flute player. She was shocked when her first flute lessons in high school were focused on re-learning how she was holding her flute, and then how to reshape her mouth and her sound. She couldn't believe all the things she had been doing poorly for eight years! Although skeptical at first, she realized after a while that her teacher did indeed know her stuff.

A whole new world opened up to Sarahjoy as she took lessons and discovered how limited she had been. Playing the flute became a real joy as she learned how to express herself with the instrument she loved.

Lessons with Sarahjoy give special attention to developing beautiful notes––notes that start and finish well, and captivate their audience with the story they tell as they are  connected.
Most flutists in middle school and high school do not realize that they have formed bad habits.

Sarahjoy was no exception. 

Lessons with Sarahjoy focus on:

  • Proper hand and body position for freedom of movement
  • Articulation (how to start notes/sounds)
  • Tone (holding notes)
  • Vibrato
  • How to end notes
  • Expression/Story telling (connecting notes)
  • ​Playing by ear
  • Improvisation

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